Our Vision


We see Rock Of Ages Christian Fellowship as a dynamic, Spirit filled and Spirit led non-traditional church for all nations impacting souls in our city, state, nation and the world through Christ centered faith teaching; developing souls from disciple to ambassador.



Our Mission


  1. To seek and save the lost
  2. To disciple the saved, training them in righteousness and holiness
  3. To be Ambassadors of Jesus Christ reaching our immediate environment and the world
  4. To honor and worship the Lord Jesus Christ with our lives
  5. To demonstrate His Word by our actions through holy living, righteousness, integrity, commitment, and serving.  
  6. To encourage believers to be faithful to their calling



We Value:


Praise and Worship of the living God

Authentic Loving Relationship with God and one another

The grace freely given through our Lord Jesus

The measure of faith that we received from God

The Word of God

Prayer and Fasting

Godly Righteousness

Holiness and Humility


Unity of the Saints – Encouraging saints to work together in unity (If you go alone, you’ll go fast. If you go with someone, you’ll go far)

Godly character

Strong Godly family

Speaking The Truth in Love

Unity In Diversity

Equipping saints to deliver the gospel of grace

Fun and Fellowship